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Student Testimonials  

Check out our past student testimonials

"The training courses are a good mix of theory and scenarios

which you'll come across in the real world.

The support from Kevin and Leanne was spot on

and they were available (even after hours)

if I needed help with anything. Thank you TTA"

Vincent - Queensland (May 2024

"Enrolling with Travel Training Australia has been an incredible journey.

The course is not only comprehensive but also highly relevant to the current trends and demands of the travel industry.

Leanne and Kevin are passionate and knowledgeable, always going the extra mile to ensure that students understand the material.

What sets them apart is their up to date course content, including organising complex travel itineraries to learning how to navigate industry-specific software, the experience is invaluable.

I feel confident and well-prepared to start my career in travel, thanks to the Travel Training Australia"

Michelle - Queensland  (April 2024

"Thank you Kevin and Leanne so much for all of the support you provided over the duration of completing this course. It was so well organised and set out, easy to follow and if I ever needed assistance you were both so prompt in responding to me! Nothing was ever too much to ask and you were able to provide guidance simply through emails phone calls. I feel that I am ready and competent to join the travel industry now."

Chelsie - Western Australia (February 2024

"Thank you to Kevin, Leanne and team for all you support and guidance through the Certificate 3 in travel. It was an enjoyable course and I enjoyed it thoroughly."

Angela - Western Australia  (February 2024

"I couldn't have asked for a better course.

The support and encouragement was beyond my expectations.

Thank-you so much Leanne and Kevin this course

was so enjoyable I cant wait to get started."

Aleah - Western Australia (December 2023

"Leanne and Kevin were so helpful with answering questions and helping me through tricky modules and assessments.

I highly recommend Travel Training Australia.

It thoroughly covers all aspects of being a Travel Agent. This course is highly enjoyable and not once did I get bored during a module or assessment.

I highly recommended this course to anyone wanting to start out in the Travel Industry, it gives you all the resources you need"

Catriona - Victoria  (December 2023

"This is an extremely well-put-together course

for anyone wanting to start a career in the travel industry.

It is detailed, clear and thorough.

Most importantly it is very up-to-date with post-COVID travel requirements

I have a friend doing the same course through another provider and hers has not been updated since Covid (she commenced it in June 2023)!

The course facilitators are fantastic - always there to help with any questions and they return your marked assessments incredibly quickly, even on the weekend, which is very much appreciated.

They also provide good feedback on what you've done well or not so well

which is great as the 'official' assessment results are only

either 'satisfactory' or 'non-satisfactory'- which isn't inspiring!

The level of the content is not difficult, but there is a lot of it.

I was thinking I'd get through the course in about 6 months

(in my head "it's only a Cert. 3 and I've done a degree"), but it took me 10.

Admittedly, I wasn't pushing myself - probably 10-12 hours a week

(sometimes less), and I was away on holiday for 6 weeks of that.

All in all, I highly recommend the Cert III in Travel provided by Travel Training Australia."

Hilary - Western Australia (October 2023

"For anyone interested in getting a foothold in the travel industry,

the TTA course is highly recommended.

The facilitators Leanne and Kevin provide exemplary guidance and support throughout the course and build the necessary skills and confidence

to help one become a future travel professional"

Manuel - New South Wales  (December 2022

"This course gives you the important elements needed to give yourself

a great foundation for working in the travel industry.

The material is very contemporary, using a variety of

presentation methods that suit a range of learning styles.

Everything is very well laid out through the cloud system.

You are very clear on what you have done, doing and what is coming up.

Both Leanne and Kevin are extremely supportive and the follow through

is so appreciated when you are doing this course online at home.

I was offered (and accepted) a full time job at HelloWorld near the completion

of my course due to TTA being highly regarded in the industry (and I'm loving it)"

Allie - Queensland (October 2022

"Thanks to professionals Leanne and Kevin all the study process for me

was like a luxury journey reading travel literature"

Rita - Western Australia  (April 2022

"The course was superbly structured and paced with up to date and

relevant content and tasks.

Learning materials were varied, both visual and auditory,

and catered for my learning style perfectly.

The course facilitators were very approachable, thorough and helpful in their feedback. The course was a pleasure to do"

Amanda - Queensland (February 2022

"I was working 50-60 hours a week as a front line employee during a pandemic with lockdown in place.

There had to be a better way to earn an income, and be able to do something I love and to be able to work from home.

Now I can I've struggled with online study before, but the structure of this course and support from the trainers allowed me to get there in the end.

Thanks Leanne and Kevin, I really appreciated how you don't just work office hours, and got back to emails or marked assessments at night and even on weekends thanks for everything"

David - New South Wales  (January 2022

"I was very hesitant to submit my last assessment

as I knew it was the end of 8mths of 'loved' learning.

Leanne & Kev have created a course where the content is clear and interesting

they were always available to discuss anything if needed.

It's a difficult time in the travel industry with lockdowns etc

but we can't stop dreaming of our next holiday."

Kathrine - Victoria (October 2021

"This was an excellent course. The materials were well written and up to date.

The facilitators commitment to my learning was really appreciated. Both facilitators went over and above expectations to help me with my questions and made the distance learning process extremely enjoyable.

Their response times were exemplary and I was so impressed with how quickly they got back to me when I had submissions.

This was a flexible course with high quality learning materials in multiple formats. I learnt so much from it and I would highly recommend this course"

Ruby - New South Wales  (June 2021

"As an older student who usually opts for a classroom style of delivery

I was impressed from the start with information

provided during my research stage for my online Travel training journey.

Yes I could have used my local TAFE however they seemed

more focused on Tourism and field trips.

The enrolment process was efficient and the amazing trainers

were there every step of the way.

I have now completed the Certificate III in Travel

and although it was challenging for me personally,

the support and encouragement was exceptional.

I would highly recommend Travel Training Australia to anyone

considering this career pathway"

Jenny - Queensland (May 2021

"I have recently completed the Cert III in Travel with TTA.

I have completed a number of courses over the years - but this course was the best. The support students receive is outstanding, assessments are marked in a timely fashion with quality feedback.

The student materials and videos were a great support. I can honestly say - if you are keen on a career in travel - there is only one course I would recommend - Cert 3 in Travel with TTA."

Anthony - New South Wales  (April 2021

"My Certificate III in Travel was challenging as well as very rewarding with fantastic support and encouragement from the trainers. I look forward to utilising my new skills and knowledge as I start my career in travel."

Angiela - Queensland (January 2021

"Thank you for all your help and guidance throughout this course, especially when I had a mind blank.

I found it easy to follow and enjoyable. I would highly recommend TTA. "

Jennifer - Queensland  (January 2021

"I found this course to be the perfect pathway to reach your goals

of becoming a well trained Travel Agent.

Both Kevin and Leanne are there for you every step of the way, and smoothly help you overcome any obstacles you face in the more difficult assessments.

I thank both of them for their patience! also for super fast replies.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to get into the travel industry,

and if you are not sure just do it anyway!!

Thanks so much for your course i know feel confident to start bookings

and start my own online agency!"

Sherry - Victoria (October 2020

"I really enjoyed completing the course with Leanne and Kevin.

The support was outstanding, with emails answered in a matter of minutes as I was working through more complex modules.

Assessments were marked quickly and valid feedback provided.

I really don't feel that I missed anything at all working remotely due to the excellent study portal and back end help.

I was able to work through the course at my own pace and finished well ahead of the schedule I'd set for myself.

I'd definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to make a start in the industry "

Daniel - New South Wales  (July 2020

"I cannot thank Leanne and Kevin enough for their support and guidance through the course especially towards the end while I was completing the study on the other side of the world during the Covid19 pandemic.

Nothing was too much trouble and no question too silly.

I feel prepared to start my own business thanks to them."

Shannon - South Australia (July 2020

"I would like to thank both Leanne and Kevin.

They have both been very helpfully and very approachable.

I really enjoyed completing the course it has opened up a whole new world and I feel ready to take it up.

Thank you for an exciting adventure"

Ian - Victoria  (July 2020

"A great course in travel. Kevin & Leanne were extremely helpful & knowledgeable. They were able to guide me through & motivate me to complete.

I would highly recommend"

Lisa - Western Australia (July 2020

"I highly recommend TTA and the Cert III Travel.

Leanne and Kevin were highly responsive and available, super quick to mark assessments at all hours of the day and night which really made

this flexible for me to keep learning in my own time.

The course was interesting and challenging and a good

mix of theoretical and practical.

I am so pleased I chose TTA and I feel well prepared for my new career in travel.

Thank you Leanne & Kevin! cheers, "

Kris - Queensland (June 2020

"I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot while completing the Cert III in travel with TTA.

The course was very engaging with an easy to follow learner guide and videos and enjoyable tasks to complete which were all very practical for the industry.

It was great having the whole course done online therefore

I was able to do it all in my free time, while getting quick and interesting feedback

from both Leanne and Kevin who were both fantastic facilitators!

I would definitely be happy to recommend anyone to TTA"

Josiah - Western Australia (June 2020

"A thorough and well thought out course. The facilitators are very helpful and accommodating. I couldn't recommend TTA Travel highly enough."

Fiona - Queensland (June 2020

"I found the Cert III in Travel to be an interesting and enjoyable study experience. The content was easy to access, interesting, relevant and covered a range of different topics.

The facilitators, Leanne and Kevin, were very supportive and knowledgeable.

My questions were handled very efficiently as was the marking of assessment tasks.

The online nature of this course made it possible to study at a time and pace that suited me, which was very convenient.

Overall, I would happily recommend this course to others"

Tracy - Queensland (June 2020

"I took this Cert III with the hope of changing careers and this was a fascinating introduction to the travel industry.

The course is comprehensive, interesting and well structured.

The variety of assessments and hands-on aspect meant it was never boring and the facilitators, Kevin and Leanne, are both very friendly, supportive and unbelievably quick to give assessment feedback"

Laura - Victoria (May 2020

"I totally enjoyed the course.

The quality of the learning resources and assessments were top notch.

The facilitators were so very helpful, approachable and offered timely feedback on assessments.

I would recommend TTA to potential students "

Wole - Western Australia (May 2020

"Completing this course has been a wonderful experience.

Leanne and Kevin were amazing and never made me feel silly for anything I asked. They got back to my questions very quickly and marked my work within hours of submitting it.

Because I work full time I did struggle with the workload at times but I still managed to complete the course within 8 months.

Travel is my passion and I can't wait to start working in the industry.

Thanks again to Leanne and Kevin!"

Kelli - Queensland (May 2020

"The Cert III course is well designed for online delivery,

I could commit a few hours every week.

I travel for work quite a bit and the online delivery of this course

worked for me.

The 'cloud assess' online platform is easy to use and quite intuitive.

Help was always available whenever I had questions,

quick response and fantastic support always from Kevin and Leanne.

I would recommend this course "

Vivek - Victoria (January 2020

"Amazing Course, really practical.

Unbelievable how helpful and experience the lecturers are, Leanne and Kevin get back to my questions within a couple of hours sometimes straight away which relieves me from frustration.

Thanks again Leanne and Kevin, thanks for your time, patient and your knowledge. Definitely recommend you as a provider to study with."

Wei - Queensland (January 2020

"I would recommend this course as the content is relevant, practical and hands-on. The facilitators are very approachable and helpful.

I am thankful for the time and effort the facilitators put into answering my questions, providing feedback and encouraging me to stay focused on the course. Thank you very much"

Loydrine - Victoria (December 2019) 

"For anyone thinking of completing a course in Travel, whether it be at the start of your career or as a new career path, I would highly recommend Travel Training Australia.

I work full time and enjoyed that I could complete the course at my own pace.

I managed to dedicate approx. 10-12 hours per week (sometime less) and managed to complete the course early.

The support from Leanne and Kevin was fantastic, always prompt in replying to messages and marking assessments.

The content of the course was relevant, up to date, informative and the online cloud was easy to use.

The learner guides and video tutorials were a great tool to get you through the assessments. If you have a passion for travel (as I do) you will enjoy all the new things you will learn and be prepared to start/develop your career"

Nicolle - New South Wales (November 2019) 

"The team at Travel Training Australia were extremely welcoming and helpful throughout completing my Cert III in Travel.

A wonderful online experience and I now can't wait to get in to the industry. Thank you TTA! "

Hannah - Western Australia (October 2019) 

"Loved the course construction, the manuals, videos and

prompt feedback from assessors. Very satisfied"

Diane - New South Wales (October 2019) 

" Thank you for all your help and quick responses even out of hours which made it easy to continue working at times that suited me.

I really appreciate the feedback and personal experiences"

Steph - Victoria (September 2019) 

"The team at Travel Training Australia are excellent.

The program is very clearly structured and the level of support and responsiveness is high.

A very professionally run course! Thanks"

Joe - New South Wales (September 2019) 

"I really enjoyed the course and I have learned so much from it.

The course was very informative and well presented.

Kevin and Leanne were excellent,helpful,approachable and offered timely feedback on assessments.

They were very quick at responding to queries and making.

I am much more confident in using Amadeus,and I feel very confident about starting my own business.

Would definitely recommend.

Thank you so much!!! "

Daniel - South Australia (August 2019) 

"This was an amazing journey that I looked forward to resuming each day.

Leanne and Kevin were so supportive and encouraging throughout the process

I know I couldn't have done it without them"

Anne - Western Australia (August 2019) 

"The course was well designed and presented by the course coordinator in an easy and understandable manner.

The course presenters were professional in their approach and were always helpful in clearing doubts during assessments.

I would definitely recommend this training organisation for someone who want to pursue their career or certification in travel.

A big thank you for Travel Training Australia for their support"

Krishna - Queensland (July 2019) 

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course.

The content is very interesting and varied.

Assignments were marked quickly and the facilitators are super helpful.

I would definitely recommend TTA"

Edith - Queensland (June 2019) 

"I enjoyed everything that I learnt. (even the hard bits)

Leanne and Kevin were great, they replied to email in good time frames.

They were both extremely helpful.

The course has taught me so much and I now have a full bucket list of places I would love to visit.

I now look forward to being able to help others explore our wonderful planet."

Pamella - Victoria (February 2019) 

"Travel Training Australia provides a fantastic opportunity to gain a nationally accredited qualification in the Travel Industry.

To be able to achieve this 100% online based is incredible.

The topics and assessments are kept up-to-date and relevant to an ever-changing industry, and it is clear Kevin and Leanne work very hard to ensure their students are prepared to enter the travel industry with the appropriate knowledge and a positive mindset.

The level of service delivery is outstanding and you certainly feel supported every step of the way."

Eleanor - Western Australia (January 2019) 

"I am so happy I committed to doing this course.

It suited my lifestyle being able to study in the weekdays and weekends.

It covers all aspects of the travel agent role, it is by far the best investment for those who need to plan for the future and want to make the best of time.

I tell my friends about TTA and this course so they to can get out of the normal 9 to 5 city jobs and have some flexibility and love there job.

I cant wait for what the next year and so on has for me.

This is my step in the right direction."

Carol - Victoria (December 2018) 

"Had a great time studying the CERT III in Travel with TTA.

All info, cloud access, assessments and over all service provided by TTA was exceptional.

Working a full time job this course gave me the option to study at home without needing to attend classes.

I highly recommend Travel Training Australia for a CERT III in Travel"

Luke - New South Wales (November 2018) 

"I love travelling. I'm currently an accountant but getting over it. I had a few hours a week free and thought it would be a bit of fun. I was correct. I loved everything I learnt (despite struggling in some sections). The assessments with feedback were marked almost immediately so you could continue onto a new subject. Will i become a home based travel consultant? Maybe"

Rhonda - New South Wales (September 2018) 

"Loved all aspects of this course.

Was very interesting with a variety of tasks and assessments to complete.

Leanne and Kevin always responded so quickly to my questions even on the weekends and late at night.

Assessments were always return promptly with positive feedback.

Enjoyed using real-time platforms that are currently used in the travel industry. Thank you again"

Brooke - Western Australia (July 2018) 

"I contacted Travel Training Australia while researching Certificate III in Travel

after being made redundant.

TTA were immediately responsive to my enquiry and answered all my questions

about the course in the first correspondence we had unlike

some other training centres I had contacted.

The TTA course was logical and paced as I wanted,

I managed to complete the course in a little over 5 weeks

and I feel confident I could work in the industry

after doing this course with a little mentoring.

Thanks so much TTA " 

Talita - New South Wales (June 2018) 

"I recently accepted a role in a travel agency and I am thoroughly enjoying my new career, and would like to thank you, Leanne and Kevin, for setting me up to succeed – it is very much appreciated. 

Your training support and resources were exceptional and it certainly helped me get the career that I was looking for. 

The learning curve is very steep and I know it will continue, however, it is a terrific industry and helping people make their dreams a reality is extremely satifying.

Once again, thank you both for making my studies fun, educational and extremely useful to the industry"

Glenda - Queensland (February 2018) 

"I have just completed my Certificate 3 with Travel Training Australia.

Basically TTA has set a benchmark for the Travel Training Industry.

A very comprehensive course with Australia's best trainers Leanne and Kevin.

The level of service and support TTA provides is unmatched.

Surely TTA is Australia's top online institution" 

Awais - New South Wales (February 2018) 

"I thoroughly recommend the online TTA Certificate III in Travel.

The course resources were very informative, clear and varied enabling the content to be easily understood, this is so important when studying online.

Also, most importantly, the facilitators were really approachable and offered timely feedback" 

Francesca - Tasmania (December 2017) 

"I have really enjoyed this course.

The support provided by both Leanne and Kevin was amazing.

The quick marking of assessments really helps with studying at your own pace.

I am looking forward to what the future holds!

Thanks TTA" 

Casey - Queensland (November 2017) 

"I have really enjoyed this course, as an older student I was very apprehensive but i feel I have been fully supported with amazing facilitators. I would highly recommend TTA to anyone. In fact i think i'm actually going to miss you guys" 

Diane - Victoria (October 2017) 

"I enjoyed every minute of my study with Travel Training Australia.

Trainers were there whenever I needed them.

The course was great and I feel very confident in getting

out into the workforce with the knowledge I have gained.

I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to

get into the travel industry.

 Thanks Leanne and Kevin" 

Judy - Victoria (October 2017) 

"I was apprehensive at starting this Cert 3 Travel course as it had been many years since I had done any studying but once I started I was surprised to find how well thought out the course was and how easy it was to navigate through it. Leanne and Kevin do a wonderful job in making sure you are comfortable with the material and marking assignments as quickly as they can so you can keep on moving through the course. While working as well as studying the fact that you don't have to wait days for assignments to be marked means that you can move through the work as fast as possible when it is convenient for you,even on the weekends and late at night. I enjoyed this course and would encourage anyone who wants to do a travel course to let Leanne and Kevin teach them. Thanks so much guys, Jocinda"

Jocinda - New South Wales (August 2017) 

"Very Interesting and a good way to learn about fares and ticketing" 

Usha - Queensland (August 2017) 

"I recently completed my certificate and loved every moment of it. The passion both Kevin and Leanne exude made the course entertaining and informative. They are very approachable and quick at responding to queries or marking. I cannot recommend TTA more highly!"

Michelle - Queensland (August 2017) 

"I was amazed at the support I received. Some of the course I found a little difficult but when I contacted the facilitators they were always available to assist. Thank you for your support. "

Narelle - New South Wales (April 2017) 

"As a newcomer to travel, this course was extremely helpful. It was easy to follow, the support and availability from the instructors was great as was the feedback.

I feel very confident about starting my own business. Thank you!!!"

Steven - New South Wales (March 2017) 

"Very informative and well presented course. I have learned so much from it. Leanne and Kevin have been very encouraging, supportive, and helpful"

Tinna - New South Wales (March 2017) 

"I found the delivery of this module fantastic, and only wish I had done my entire Cert III Travel through TTA.

The videos were most helpful as I found it great to see Amadeus in action, along with your extra tips and tricks within them.

The exercises were well designed and gradually built on previous skills learned.

What I appreciated the most was that I could send you through an email asking all those questions, and your response time and answers were most helpful.

I am much more confident in using a GDS, especially Amadeus, and look forward to using these new skills in my business. I will be doing some practice for the next week also, as I have found the best way to learn is to do!"


Gina - Western Australia (February 2017)

"Have really enjoyed this course.

Found it to be relevant to the job, resources are of a very high quality, and facilitators are fabulous

answered any and all questions within very efficient time-frames. Would definitely recommend."


Lisa - Queensland (February 2017)

"I found the course to be really interesting, and received great support from the facilitators."


Catherine - Western Australia (February 2017)

"Great course, Staff are amazing and always willing to help answer questions"


Kylee - Queensland (January 2017)

"I was extremely happy with the support and help from the teachers, they were always available no matter what time of day it was. I am working full time so being able to contact them after hours was awesome.

Thank you TTA I have really enjoyed doing this course with you and I will be recommending you to anyone who is interested in the course"


Violet - South Australia (August 2016)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Im a bit disappointed its finished (if I'm honest) as now I have to go out and find a job and not do practice activities and email Kevin on a daily basis. TTA has been wonderful, I wouldn't have asked for better support for this next -somewhat daunting - phase of my career. I feel the knowledge I've obtained is going to set me apart from others with the same certificate."


 Saraya - Queensland (August 2016)

"Hi all students this is a very great course you have chosen I have received excellent training from TTA and particularly from Kevin and Leanne and don't worry at the beginning you will think that the Amadues is a little complicated but once you watched some video tutorial you will find easy. wish you the best of luck"


 Habibullah - Western Australia (August 2016)

"The course was very relevant, and is a perfect step to getting started in the travel industry.

Leanne and Kevin are fantastic facilitators as well; very responsive and very helpful."


 Anthony - New South Wales (May 2016)

"Found the course interesting and relevant to the job role I will be looking for. Enjoyed researching different travel destinations. Fantastic to be able to learn from home at my own pace."


 Kylie - Victoria (May 2016)

"Great course, full of information but easy to follow!!

Can be done in a quicker time frame if you need it in a hurry.

It was excellent I could start and finish when I wanted and it allowed me

total flexibility to complete at my own pace 

Thanks guys."


Sandra - Queensland (March 2016)

"As a "mature aged student" it was daunting going back to study but Leanne and Kevin from TTA were great trainers. Very patient, understanding and caring who made the whole journey so easy and achievable.I have never had such an enjoyable "learning" experience. From the start to the end, trainers were very helpful and helped me to achieve the goal I set out to accomplish. I would thoroughly recommend Travel Training Australia"


Jo - Western Australia (March 2016)

"Kevin and Leanne were fantastic.

They were always available and marked almost every assessment

I completed on the same day.

Timely feedback is paramount when learning online, great job guys!


Carly - Queensland (November 2015)

"Leanne, Kevin and Staff at Travel Training Australia Thank you so much for offering such an informative course and for always being there to support me. I could not possibly recommend you all highly enough. Thanks to you I now have a brand new career and have already been employed immediately!! Your course delivery is easy and straightforward to use and the course itself is both challenging and exciting. I loved every minute. Thank you also for always replying within 5-10 minutes of me asking a question or getting stuck!!! Your knowledge is invaluable and you were both always so positive and supportive. I am almost sad that I have finished but I am sure we will keep in touch in the future. You have truly changed my life!

Many Thanks again"

Madeleine - Victoria (July 2015)

"I found this course very relevant to the work place/hands on and now

I feel confident to take on my new role.

The quick turn around response time from Leanne & Kevin was awesome.

The flexibility of this course to work around my family was hugely beneficial.

Would highly recommend Travel Training Australia!"

Katrina - Queensland (August 2015)

"I would have never thought that I could have made it in such a short time frame, the online method adopted by TTA is clear and engaging.

Considering the strong relevance to the job role, studying each subject has been pleasant and interesting.

I found the learning material highly detailed and up to date, I feel comfortable thinking that the information learned during this course is safely stored for future references.

Leanne and Kevin have shown an outstanding level of knowledge and a strong dedication to their job and their students, which made me feel like having made the right decision.


Matteo - South Australia (July 2015)

"Travel Training Australia provided an interesting and comfortable training approach

completing my training with them seemed like a satisfying and enriching experience"

"Kevin and Leanne are excellent and very patient mentors, lots of thanks!!"

Niketa - Western Australia (May 2015)

"Studying the Certificate III in Travel with Travel Training Australia was an extremely positive experience.Kevin and Leanne provided comprehensive training and they were always on hand to answer any questions or concerns.Their dedicated and supportive approach to the learning process along with their wealth of industry knowledge enabled me to obtain the skills and confidence required to pursue a career in the travel sector.

I can honestly say I feel job ready on completion of the Certificate III in travel thanks to the wonderful team at Travel Training Australia"

Samantha - Queensland (October 2014)

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